We are keen to provide comprehensive and integrated distinguished services to maintain positive relations with all
customers through the continuous development of its expertise and work by following modern administrative, scientific and training approaches.
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Our Company Field

Our company work in the field of security, guarding, transfer of funds and feeding ATMs

Security and guard service

Our main task (security service and transfer money) to protect lives, property and facilities of our customers, we provide solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs in all emergencies, in a manner that does not conflict with the laws and human rights and laws and regulations local and international, as we always go to take advantage of scientific and technological developments in the various areas of security to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Money transfer

• Our crew was train and get courses from specialists and security certified
•Our company owns armored vehicles dedicated to this purpose and its work is followed up by a central operations room to track the route of the cars until the completion of its mission

Atm feed service
• Atm feed service has been established at March 2020 and activity has begun to feed the construction and housing bank machines and other Banks Atm • Our crew was train and get courses from specialists and security certified.

Hemaya Company

Our Company is managed by a group of the finest retired armed forces and police officers 

We are a subsidiary of the Housing and Development Bank, subject to the Investment Law No. 159 of 1981.

We got accredited by two international ISO certificates in Quality management systems (9001),

We got accredited by two international ISO certificates health and safety (45001).

Ownership Structure

Housing and Development Bank
Housing & Real Estate Investment Compan
Holding Company for Investment and Development
Al-Tameer for Public and Environmental Projects and Services
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